Bahmni support for HL-7/FHIR standard?

(Asked on behalf of a community member)

I read that Bahmni will support FHIR in 0.88. Does it mean that it will be available on Demo site also like the way OpenMRS demo has?

I was also looking for HL7 message support for Bahmni. Is there any documentation for the same?

Bahmni runs on top of OpenMRS (for EMR features) and OpenMRS already has HL-7 support.

Besides that, for Hub & Spoke feature we are working on using FHIR standard to communicate data across the Hub and its Spokes. You can see details here:

The hope for us is to re-use the work we did with Bahmni and Shared Health Record with regards to FHIR integration. See this link (slide 15 onwards):

I read that Bahmni will support FHIR in 0.88

Bahmni won’t have FHIR support yet in v0.88. It will in some time once Hub & Spoke feature is released.

/cc @darius @angshuonline: Your thoughts on this topic?

as @gsluthra said, we will develop the FHIR module for Bahmni which will export the entities (location, practitioner, patient etc), metadata (terminology, and other configs), and data (encounter - as a form on FHIR bundle). We had a look at the OpenMRS FHIR module, and felt we can use it provided its made more generic - e.g. allow resource providers to be overridden. Most importantly, we feel we need to agree upon the encounter exchange bundle specification between Bahmni and OpenMRS FHIR devs.