Bahmni standard - patient registration error

Hi all, I have a fresh installation of Bahmni - running Bahmni standard on Docker. When I try to register a new patient, I get an error that states: “There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again”

The openmrs container log file gives:

WARN - HibernateConceptDAO.getConceptByName(1779) |2023-07-23T12:31:42,216| No concept found for ‘REGISTRATION_CONCEPTS’

I have followed the usual steps for installing Bahmni on Docker, including refreshing the Search Index and other one time setup steps. The error persists after a restart of the Docker services. I confirmed that openmrs had started correctly from the logs before trying to register a new patient.

Let me know how I can fix this! (possibly similar to this error Patient Registration)

To follow up: If I check the “Enter ID” tick box next to the “Patient Identifier” drop down in the new patient registration screen, and enter a random number, it works to register the patient.

How can I have an ID number automatically generated?