Bahmni Reports error Servlet.init() for servlet dispatcher threw exception

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Hello Team,

On one of our Bahmni 92 server we are getting Bahmni EMR Report error as "Servlet.init() for servlet dispatcher threw exception".

All Bahmni Reports configuration is correct, Bahmni EMR all reports show “Error executing request”. After that If We restart the Bahmni-Reports service then also we are getting the same error.

Error get on browser for all reports:

Attaching Bahmni reports logs, Logs are here.

Is anyone has faced this issue earlier Bahmni EMR reports stop working? Any suggestions for resolving this issue.

One of the errors in your log says:

/root/.bahmni-reports/ (No such file or directory)

Did you recently change the owner/permissions for any of the folders? or remove/delete any files?

This error is seen on 0.92 installations, the symlink for file is missing after the installation. Symlink pointing to /opt/bahmni-reports/etc/ needs to be created manually.