Bahmni: Remote debugging documentation outdated

Hi everyone,

It looks like that the official documentation of Debugging Code Running Tomcat is not totally accurate, at least with the latest vagrant box.

In the tutorial, there is a note saying:

If you have a new vagrant box (from atlas), then tomcat service may not exist. Instead the service name will be openmrs.

That is right and the consequences are:

  • sudo service tomcat {start|stop} doesn’t work
  • /home/bahmni/apache-tomcat/bin doesn’t exist
  • and catalina.out don’t exist

Other notes:

So, see below the steps that I had to follow to configure remote debugging.

Restart Tomcat to run in debug mode

Log into your Vagrant box

$ cd bahmni-vagrant
$ vagrant ssh

Once logged in

[vagrant@localhost ~]$ sudo service openmrs stop

Wait for the service to stop, then

[vagrant@localhost ~]$ sudo service openmrs debug

The port 8000 will be open for remote debugging.

  • [Optional] From your local machine, run nmap -v -sT to check if the port is open

Wait for the server to completely start. This may take a while…

Your app should be up and running accessible at the usual address: and “debuggable” on port 8000.

Hope this helps.



The documentation to setup debug options using RPM is still in progress. Also thanks for your effort to point out the steps to run in debug mode. We will update the documentation soon.

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@mksrom - Thanks for your detailed documentation. I have added them to the wiki.