Bahmni Registration page change colour

Hello everyone . I have already installed bahmni on my server. and now I want to change registraton page color with diffrent visit type, please help me. thanks

What do you mean by different visit type? Did you mean a different registration page color for OPD visit, IPD visit, etc…?

yes, The Menu on the top of the Registration Page is of green colour , it should be seen in other colours. Below atteched file

Do you want this color to change for different visit types? I ask this because the visit type can only be determined after you start the visit which would not be the case when you are the page in your screenshot because the visit hasn’t been started yet.

Thank @biruk for your reply . But is it possible to select the dropdown visit list and change the color without saving it?

@ramnarayan I am afraid I am having difficulty capturing your requirements correctly.

hello biruk, i have the same question. where can i change the color of the dashboard, or the color of the text?

@samrizee Hi Samrawit, that would be at the bahmniapps project There go to ui>app>styles which contains style definitions for each bahmni module with some common styles. For registrations it would be inside the registration folder. Note that bahmni uses scss syntax. After you make the changes you need to deploy the project to your server.

I went to ui>app>styles , and I was able to change the color , but it it automatically replaces my chosen color to the default one. what is the problem?

Do I have to modify the scss file to see changes? what if I change the css file only?

The sass compiler will convert your scss to css when you run “grunt compass:dist”, normally to deploy the project you will be running the grunt commands. I am not sure of your exact configuration but I believe those are “grunt bundle”, “grunt uglify-and-rename” and “grunt preprocess:web”. You will find the final deployable project at the “dist” folder in the “ui” folder. Changing the css file directly is not recommended because future builds of the project might overwrite your changes since those changes are not in the project scss files.

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thanks biruk.

Hi Ramnarayan, I am hoping you got your answer from the comment below -

Please elaborate if this isn’t helping you (or) if you need something else

Hello, Biruk where and how can I use the class computed in openmrs for concepts like date?

Hi @samrizee, I don’t think I understand your questions but if your question is related to concepts in OpenMRS, I generally think it would be better to open another thread (ask a new question) so that people with the same question can find the solutions more easily.

This is the new topic: how to use a computed class while adding a concept in openmrs.