Bahmni Registration Page Age Bug.

(sameer gije) #1

I have discovered a new bug in bahmni Registration Page. When we select the patient which is in the database or new patient when we save it and refresh the registration page the patient age years goes to zero attached are some images for guidance.

. This bug is also detected in bahmni demo server.

(Pramida Tumma) #2

I don’t see this issue in Bahmni-90 release. Looks like this got introduced in Bahmni-91. I even see that the year is set to ‘0’, when we open an existing patient and the actual years is displayed after saving. So, page refresh is setting the Years in age to ‘0’ and on click of ‘Save’, the actual age is being retrieved.

(Joseph Aghatise) #3

I have same display but donot see it as an error since the estimated birthday is still active and once you click the save button the age is re-calculated.

(sameer gije) #4

This bug occur in 0.91 bahmni version on registration page if you tick estimated date or not doesn’t matter but when you refresh or open an old patient at that time this problem occur. If you want to check click the link.

(sameer gije) #5

The year is set to zero only first time ie when you enter Registration app from main dashboard.

Is it because of BAH-578? @swathivarkala @binduak?

It works well after removing


from this.

(shubhangi Patil) #6

We are also facing this issue, we changed this code and its working fine. please fix this code on next Upgrade

(Joseph Aghatise) #7

Thanks @Sameergije for providing this fix. did you also remove the ng-model=“patient.age.days” min=“0” or it was just the year initiation?


(sameer gije) #8

No only removed ng-init=“patient.age.years=0”