Bahmni Print issue on iPad

The attached video shows that Bahmni dashboard or visit or consent form is not getting printed. 6th gen iPAD with iOS 12.

Has anyone tried it?

Using Safari or Chrome? Can you try this on Chrome and on upgraded version?

We tried on both but the result is same.

I am assuming this to be device specific? - Since we do not have a device to test this on, can you help us troubleshoot it?

I tried various iPads (mini also) and iPhones (from 8 to XR) but the problem persists. I am trying to use Web Inspector / some other tool to get more details.

We noticed similar behavior ie visit dashboard prints the page as seen on screen even on Android based phones using Chrome.

I think it is related to this line of code not working on device based browsers. Need to debug further

When the above mentioned line of code is replaced by the following lines of code it printed visit dashboard from Safari on iPad but not from Chrome running on iPad:

var hiddenFrame = window.frames[0]; //hard coded only for testing 

@angshuonline can someone look in to this?

We do not have the relevant devices (iPad) readily available to test. Does this behave the same in Android-Chrome?