Bahmni Person Management (RGSoC 2018)

Hi there,

Eva @evadee and Georgina @gtl90 are going to work on Bahmni Person Management from July - September as part of Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) (as announced here) :sunny:

The tasks will be to write a Bahmni app that allows users:

  • to search for a person (not patient)
  • to register one or more persons and their relationship to each other
  • to capture and view information/observations about the person
  • to convert a person to a patient and select a patient identifier
  • (optional) to create a household survey. Users should be able to enter a household with its family members socioeconomic data (for example gross income, place/type of work, contribution to household income (per person), difficulty in finding work and reason, assets in the household (TV, radio, mobile phones etc)) and later select one person in the family for treatment, converting that person into a patient.

We will start simple by not creating a separate module but develop a Bahmni app using react in the repository. Stories related to the project will live here.

We will keep you updated in this thread so watch out :blush: