Bahmni patient reistration page giving angular rootscope/infdig error

Hello, My installation was working just fine last two weeks. Today I tried adding a new patient and once I got on the page I got this error: in a dialog taking over all the screen making it impossible to reload close the dialog because the close button went out of the viewport. Same thing trying to edit the existing patient

Please help

Can you plz provide more details about which version of Bahmni are you running? Docker / Centos / Vagrant? Does this have ABDM setup? Did you make any recent changes in Bahmni UI or upgrades? Or did this error just pop-up after you registered a new patient?

Try and see the OpenMRS logs, and also the Browser Logs (Inspect Element, Console tab) – to see if there is any error info. Else come on Bahmni Slack, and ping on #community channel: