Bahmni Patient Document Bug

In 0.90 release, the patient document image used to appear from top border. after 0.91 release, the image appears much below than the previous view. The previous view did not require scroll to see complete image. 0.91 patient document view needs scrolling which is additional.

Is there a way to go back to previous view settings? attached are some images for guidance.

0.90 image


0.91 image


Seems like this commit broke it. The padding-top of 160px introduced is getting applied on the documents dialog as well. if removed, it fixes the issue. not sure what it will break. may be something in OT module

copy : @maharjun @rajashri @angshuonline

@pramidat, @snehabagri can you guys please check?

Sure, we will check and get back.

Looks like a CSS issue. @shubhangi can you give me the steps to reproduce the above attached screen, so that we can test for it after fix?

@snehabagri We installed 0.91 and got this view. just check the image/patient document view in 0.91.