Bahmni PAT call on 11 Aug 2021

Reminder, We have PAT call, happening - at 6:30 pm IST, that’s 1 pm UTC, 9 am Eastern Time Wednesday, 11 August 2021. See your timezone here .

Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Please provide any topic you would like to discuss in this thread.

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@bgevam would like to request to present your LIS integration work if you are available?

Introducing Bahmni HL7 LIS Integration

We would like discuss on below topics,

  1. Help text breaking the alignment of the concepts in tabular format in form1 forms

  2. Alignment of patient dashboard header is missing when we have too many tabs.

  3. Observation display control not able to pull the observation of a concept for which we have selected the Synonym as the preferred FSN from openmrs.

  4. New Display control to show the name of the concept that we pass as part of the configuration. This would allow user to select any name other than FSN/SN coming from openrms

  5. Appointments-frontend not working because of the latest date-picker node module version @angshuonline @gsluthra @swedhan @buvaneswariarun @tarunshettygari

Please find notes here