Bahmni PAT call on 07 June 2023

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Subject: Next Steps after the Completion of French Translation for Bahmni Project

Dear Bahmni Community,

I hope this message finds you well. As we continue to build upon the recent achievement of completing the French translation for the Bahmni project, it is essential to discuss the next steps and outline our future roadmap. I propose including the topic of “Next Steps after the Completion of French Translation” in our next meeting to ensure clarity and alignment within our community.

During the meeting, we will address the following key points:

  1. Integration into the Codebase: We will discuss the process of integrating the French translation into the Bahmni codebase. This includes reviewing and merging the translated messages to ensure a seamless incorporation into future Bahmni releases. We will explore the necessary steps to implement this integration effectively.

  2. Maintenance and Updates: It is crucial to establish a plan for maintaining and updating the French translation. We will discuss how to address future changes and additions to the Bahmni project while ensuring the French translation remains accurate and up-to-date. Community involvement in maintaining the translation will also be a topic of consideration.

  3. User Testing and Feedback: To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the French translation, we will explore the importance of user testing and feedback. We can discuss strategies for collecting feedback from French-speaking users, evaluating their experiences, and incorporating their suggestions for improvement.

  4. Collaboration with Translation Community: As the Bahmni community, we have the opportunity to collaborate with other translation communities within the OpenMRS project. We will explore how we can share translation resources, knowledge, and best practices to enhance our translation efforts across multiple OpenMRS distributions.

  5. Documentation and Communication: A robust documentation plan is crucial for ensuring the clarity and accessibility of the French translation process. We will discuss the need for comprehensive documentation that outlines the translation guidelines, resources, and contribution process. Additionally, we will explore effective ways to communicate the availability of the French translation to the wider community.

These points will serve as a foundation for our discussion during the meeting. I encourage all community members to prepare their insights, suggestions, and questions related to these next steps. Your valuable contributions will help shape the future of the Bahmni project and ensure the continued success of our translation efforts.

If there are any additional topics or suggestions you would like to include in the meeting agenda, please feel free to share them ahead of time. We welcome your input as we work together towards a more inclusive and accessible Bahmni project.

Looking forward to our productive discussion in the upcoming meeting.

Best regards,

Mayo Brahim

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