Bahmni PAT call Nov 14th 2018

Dear All,

PAT call happening at 7:30 pm IST today, thats 2 pm UTC, 10 am ET. Zoom meeting.

Please update your agenda below

  1. Update on release 0.92 - development sprint - infra, platform, Odoo upgrade

@arjun, @pramidat, @mksd, @sruti, @angshuonline, @ramses, @ramashish, @darius, @ajeenckya, @nehagupt

OCB-Maadi/CHK team want to discuss below things

  1. Make notes mandatory : We would like to make mandatory the selection of notes for some lab tests.

For panels, how to display the mandatory notes (hierarchical or making notes at panel level mandatory if any of the test under panel has mandatory notes.

  1. We would like to have users names who filled the forms be printed on the forms

  2. External patients : Add new patient option on add sample page in openers

  3. Syncing rejected status back to openmrs

  4. How should self privilege feature work along with multiple provider feature in appointment scheduling

We would like to discuss on the following thread : Section add-more feature in forms 2.0(implementer-interface).

You can find notes here