Bahmni PAT call 29-Nov-2017

Reminder that we have a Bahmni Product Architecture Team call tomorrow (or today for some).

We will pick a topic from the backlog depending on who’s on the call:

  • Enhance Patient Search by attributes (v91) | @angshuonline
  • Allow pages to have extensions - example: a collapsible pane on pages where extensions can be plugged in. | @angshuonline
  • Upgrade to CentOS 7 | @jarvis @mksrom
  • Migration of the CD platform out of AWS | @shruthipitta

Note that the timing of this call is fixed in UTC, so it moved an hour earlier for people in the US and Europe that have had recent daylight savings time changes.

The call will be at 6am Seattle, 9am Boston, 15:00 Berlin, 5pm Nairobi, 7:30pm IST. See more time zones.

Call-in details

One more:

  • Align the UI experience of recording conditions with the one of recording diagnoses | @ouiliam

I have prepared the notes file here: 2017-11-29 Notes.