Bahmni PAT call 20-Jun-2018 - QA/UAT for 0.91

On this week’s PAT call we will start by discussing how the community QA/UAT process for the 0.91 release is progressing.

We will cover further topics after that, so feel free to propose one!

Already quoting here @arjun from Slack about “radiology sync issue on demo”:

its slightly convoluted/confusing for a new person how the demo is setup through simulator running in background. also its not best from a demo user experience persepective. (not going in details) there are 2 alternatives to simplify this 1. build a simple front end for simulator where a demo user can upload image. 2. have that ability to upload dicom image from Bahmni itself. The effort for 1 and 2 is similar, just that latter will have to go via openmrs omod route. So i think we should do 2 as that solves 2 problems in 1 effort. It would at max be a 1 week effort for a new person and a 2-3 days for a dev who understands openmrs/pacs. So if someone finds a volunteer with a capacity like this, this is one task that we could get done. i could guide. i could also try to do it myself but not sure when i can spare this capacity.

Call-in details

Please find the notes from the call here

@angshuonline @arjun @binduak @darius, regarding option #1, could we use the Attachments module for that?

Giving it the ability to upload DICOM images looks like a great possible extension to what it does already. Furthermore it is on its roadmap to be ‘OWA-ised’. Actually, we are trying to already do just that as part of GSoC 2018’s ‘Attachments Module Enhancements’ (student: @ridmal), depending on time… etc.

While Attachments UI is currently a Ref App-based effort, this won’t be the case anymore when a new OWA layer will be added. We will have the ability to then use all or some of its UI within Bahmni.

I would be more than happy to move this forward and demonstrate that Attachments could be used as a cross-distribution tool to manage attachments of all sorts, and in particular to upload DICOM images in Bahmni or simply enhance the current radiology upload feature.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.