Bahmni pacs-integration empty patient names populated on DCM4CHEE

pacs-integration running as intended while ignoring UTF8 Mongolian cryllic letters up on consumption.

As seen on atomfeed side everything is correct and patient name is encoded in UTF8 Mongolian Cryllic alphabet.

After pacs-integration consumes and populates the DCM4CHEE worklist patient name lettes are replaced with empty spaces with trailing , .

So my question is where and how do we write an addon on pacs-integration to replace Mongolian Cryllic lettes with Romanized lettes upon consumption ? verysimple as notations only on pn 0010,0010

first cryllic letter replaced by next “я”,“ya”,“ю”,“yu”,“ө”,“u”,“ү”,“u”,“ш”,“sh”,“ч”,“ch”,“ц”,“ts”,“х”,“h”,“ф”,“f”,“у”,“u”,“т”,“t”,“с”,“s”,“р”,“r”,“п”,“p”,“о”,“o”,“н”,“n”,“м”,“m”,“л”,“l”,“к”,“k”,“й”,“i”,“и”,“i”,“з”,“z”,“ж”,“j”,“е”,“e”,“д”,“d”,“г”,“g”,“в”,“v”,“б”,“b”,“а”,“a”,“Я”,“Ya”,“Ю”,“Yu”,“ь”,“i”.

Unless we make custom mod or config all non latin char internalization will fail regardless of the language as shown on modality side. It will fail to store image for DCMCHEE is not allowing empty pn

Thanks all,