Bahmni Override flag not working in implementation_config files


I am using bahmni override config functionality as described here:, however, when I include shouldOverRideConfig: true in implementation_config files, it does not work (files are not overriden). It works only when I include the shouldOverRideConfig flag in bahmni_config files.

When we do an upgrade, bahmni_config files are supposed to be overrriden, so each time I have to include the flag after an upgrade. Shouldn’t the flag supposed to work in implementation_config files? At least in endTB specific impelmentations it used to work for me.

Best, Wasim

Hi Wasim,

As the WIKI says, you need to add in bahmni_config files it self. Not implementation_config.

In EndTB, it worked since in the endtb-config we already had the configuration set to true as it is expected that the different sites of entb will have to make their site specific changes. Please refer to Code. Hence even on EndTB upgrades, we didn’t have to add it again. But if you are upgrading only bahmni not config still we don’t have add the configuration.

The idea here that, bahmni _config should decide whether it should be allowed to be overridden or not.

We understand the concern. But as the config is a client specific code, if it is required shouldOverrideConfig:true can be added in the client config code repo itself like EndTB config has.


Thanks Swathi for prompt and comprehensive response. I really appreciate.

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