Bahmni Orders other than drugs syncing to odoo with negative units

I am using bahmni 0.93. I created miscallaneous orders like procedures as orderrables. But they are syncing to odoo with negative (minus) units and substracting in total amounts. It also happens with radiology orders. How can I solve this?

Please goto odoo product then edit into product Type as Service. like this.

Thank you Roshanthapa for your response. I put these orders as service in odoo. But they are syncing as minus 1 units.

@hpone Please confirm unit are same on both openMRS and odoo. Can you please attach screenshot of both openmrs and odoo. it may easy to support you.

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Thank you Roshanthapa. The issue is resolved now. I used Unit(s) and Unit in sync. Thanks for your help.