Bahmni openmrs service start fast when Server connect with Internet

I face the issue that Bahmni openmrs service start faster, when Server connect with Internet it’s time different almost 3 minute that is the small problem for rural area where Internet connection is not stable.

I see. that is interesting. You are saying… OpenMRS startup time is slow by 3 mins… if Internet is not available vs when Internet is available? That looks like some part of the startup process is trying to connect to internet… and waiting… and then after timeout, continues with the rest of the startup.

Can you mention the configuration of the OpenMRS/Bahmni you are using? Server OS, Bahmni Version, configuration, Location, etc?

@gsluthra configuration are: Dell T140 Server With 32GB DDR4 RAM / 2+2 TB HDD Intel Xeon4C/8T Processor Server OS : centos 7.6 Bahmni Version : 0.92

Please login onto slack, someone can possibly answer there. Fill the form to get a slack invite if you don’t already have access to public slack channel of bahmni.