Bahmni/OpenMRS as a Service SaaS offering coming in 2019

Our team will provide a complete out of the box, and fully customizable and deployed instance of Bahmni for your organization.

Features will include:

  • Any modules you want
  • Bahmni connect
  • Fully hosted
  • custom domains
  • deployed in your region
  • We can customize the instance to your heart’s content

This will be offered at a low price per month. with all support custom development and management by our team.

If you are interested in learning more and joining our initial launch, please email me at

Thank you so much!

cc @darius :wink:

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What is the - Custom domains ?

Thanks and Regards,


Hey @sanjeev111!!

Thanks for reaching out.

We can host the instance of bahmni on any domain (assuming it has not already been registered) for example

Does that make sense?

ok, thanks for the clarification.

Hi Erika, is your SAAS offering is available? regards, Sunny

Are there any Bahmni implementors/orgs which are offering Bahmni SaaS (on Cloud) offering for hospitals/clinics to use (in specific countries)? Any folks who wish to share the information, so that community folks who need this service can reach out to you all?

I am asking out of curiosity, because in different casual conversations this question comes up – and I can’t really personally think of any specific organisation doing it.

@gsluthra we have been doing this with OpenMRS since 2015 and with Bahmni since 2018.

Admittedly this is not showing up properly on our website. But it will be upgraded soon anyway.

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A slight digression, but recently came across this announcement for DHIS2 SaaS offering called: (interesting name!). I guess this is the kind of offering that would be great to see for Bahmni, but with additional options like: Choose A Starter Template (Dentist, Oncology, etc), and various other add-ons while selecting a SaaS instance + Geographical Region to choose (for Privacy/LocalLaws/etc).

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