Bahmni - Module Dependency Management

Is there a process in place for managing and updating modules in the Bahmni distro for each new release?

And is it viable to link to/display these somewhere in the Release Notes/All Bahmni Releases? The thinking here is that it would be useful to see the versions of the modules that are bundled with each release, without having to install that version or tracking it down in the distro source code.

Would a spreadsheet like this help make this easier to maintain:

During release 0.90 there was a file (I think internal to TW) that was more or less doing what you’re showcasing.

I think in general yes it is a useful thing to have at some point, when defining the content of a new distro version (whether snapshot or not). We all do that in a way or another when managing distributions and tracking their content changes.

But the “truth” is coming out of the distro POM as it’s the SCM’d file. When the information needs to be known for sure, that’s where you’d get it right?

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