Bahmni medications ordering: How do people use the dispense toggle?

In a workflow where the ERP component is used, I would assume that tracking whether a medication order was dispensed or not makes a real difference. That is because drugs dispensed = items out of the inventory.

So I am wondering about how people do actually use that toggle. Because technically it is possible for an OpenERP user to proceed to the ‘goods shipment’, thereby shipping drugs out of the inventory. But there is nothing that links this action to toggling on/off the dispense flag in Bahmni.
(Q) In other words it is possible to dispense the drugs in OpenERP and mark them as not dispensed in Bahmni, correct?


(However in a workflow that doesn’t use the ERP component, I fully understand that this toggle is a way to share across users whether drugs have been dispensed or not.)

@pramidat @arjun @angshuonline , insights?

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