bahmni mart installation error - TASK [metabase : Create metabase docker container without ssl certificates]

I was trying to install bahmni-mart and I had some problems.

I have tried those steps:

  1. Execute command yum install ansible-

  2. Execute command wget -O /tmp/ && unzip -o /tmp/ -d /tmp && sudo rm -rf /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook && sudo mv /tmp/bahmni-mart-playbook-master /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook && rm -rf /tmp/

  3. Update file /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/setup.yml content to

bahmni_mart_version: "2.0.4"
analytics_db_user: analytics
metabase_db_user: metabase
analytics_db_name: analytics
metabase_db_name: metabase
metabase_with_ssl: false
postgres_password: password
analytics_db_password: password
# This parameter is specific to msf and should be updated at the point of release to fetch the latest stable artifact
msf_release_version: ""
# When metabase_with_ssl is true you can choose for one of the following
  # lets'encrypt ssl: where bahmni_lets_encrypt_cert_dir and metabase_keystore_password are mandatory
  # custom ssl: where primary_custom_keystore_location and metabase_keystore_password are mandatory

# let's encrypt ssl
bahmni_lets_encrypt_cert_dir: ""

# custom ssl
custom_keystore_location: ""

metabase_keystore_password: ""

openmrs_db_password: P@ssw0rd
metabase_db_password: password
metabase_with_ssl: false
  1. Execute the command ansible-playbook -i /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/inventories/bahmni-mart /etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/all.yml --extra-vars ‘@/etc/bahmni-mart-playbook/setup.yml’ --skip-tags “custom_ssl,lets_encrypt_ssl,authentication” -vv

But those steps gave me errors:

@sonarvanashri @gsluthra do you have any idea where cloud be the problem?

Appears that docker-compose up failed for metabase. Can you try doing that by command line and seeing what is happening?

cd /opt/bahmni-mart/
docker-compose -f metabase-docker-compose.yml up

@gsluthra this is the output:

@triumf : Are u looking to try Metabase (for UI based reports), or the full Bahmni-Mart, for reports on top of the Bahmni Mart Reporting DB?

If just metabase, maybe you can directly download Metabase and connect it to Bahmni DB for reports. Running Metabase on Docker

If you are looking for evaluation Bahmni mart - then debugging the issue you are facing will be necessary.

@gsluthra thank you for your comment.

The problem was I was trying to run the bahmni-mart container inside the bahmni container(so docker inside docker) and that is not allowed by default to run the bahmni-mart container.

For this problem, one of the solutions is Sysbox.

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