Bahmni Lite - A lighter version of Bahmni

I have got some free time recently and started working on bahmni-lite project which is aimed towards providing a lighter version of Bahmni. The trello card is here and a concept note is available here.

Bahmni Lite aims to provide a simple and lighter version of Bahmni EMR that is platform independent - works on Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows (using Docker).

  • Provides a simple installation of Bahmni EMR to get up-and-running quickly.
  • Designed for a setting up Bahmni on developer machine.
  • Designed for “Mobile Clinics” for data entry process.
  • Designed to use as a “Spoke” machine in Hub and Spoke model.

It is a smaller and lighter docker container (502 MB) that has openmrs, bahmniapps (angular UI) in it. It is supported by an implementation configuration as well. The details of getting it up and running can be found here. A demo of it is available here

If you want to setup your Bahmni Development Environment using this container. The approach is available here. And a video for how to do it is here

There is more to do here and some bugs to fix. But I’ll wait to listen from community before I proceed any further. Please feel free to share your opinions and push backs on this thread.


@bharatak wow this is terrific