bahmni-lite (1.0.0 tag), error while saving diagnosis

I have hosted Bahmni-lite just using (profile used is bahmni-lite) , on aws ec2 instance(t3a.2xlarge), and being used by only one doctor , behaviour seems random like sometime diagnosis information is not being saved and throws error, sometime radiology input is not saved and it throws error, Any hint would be helpful, what could be issue, from where to start debugging? 1002_openmrslogs.txt (488.6 KB)

II did some digging and have come to assumption that instead of editing existing diagnosis we are trying to add new with same name and updating it, is my assumption is valid?

A JIRA Ticket has been logged for this: [BAH-3567] - Bahmni - JIRA

cc: @gokul

We have fixed this issue and you can test this on environment.

If we add the same diagnosis again in the same encounter then we will see the client side error now, instead of server side error. @horaira.khan please test and give us feedback. Thanks.


Dear @gokul , I see that it’s working as expected, giving error that , please correct the duplicate diagnosis entered. Thanks