Bahmni Lab : Difference in ordering of lab tests in result enter page and validation page

In OpenELIS, the result enter page and validation page shows the lab test in different order. The lab techs find it inconsistent in behavior which makes it difficult for them to enter and validate the lab test.

Snapshot from result enter page:

Snapshot from validation page:

We have corrected this by ordering it by the lab test number and want to merge the changes to the product.

@shashikanth @mksd

Jira card : Pull request :

How did this used to be sorted before your change?

There was no sorting as such previously. @shashikanth Could you please confirm it.

I remember there has been back and forth around orders of tests in elis and there are multiple scenarios there. In fact, i remember having worked on one such fix for referred out page

Making it consistent sounds like the right thing to do. Will check with the some of the clients i know who use elis extensively to confirm if this change doesn’t break any of their usecase and get back.

This is good to go from my end.