Bahmni installation reset by it self?

Our Bahmni installation reset/replaced to … looks like original installation.

We have installed and run Bahmni ver 0.91 for around 4 months. We customized the UI. Then at 4th May 2019, around 16.00 PM. The customization was lost, just like newly installed Bahmni App.

The database is intact, but the customization is lost:

  • bahmniapps reverted to original
  • OpenMRS modules gone

Fortunately we have daily snap shot of the disk. So we can revert back to previous date. But after a while, it happened again. Looks like a command automatically executed by cron or other mechanism.

Does anyone know what caused this?

Unless someone reinstalls (or calls update), there is no reason for Bahmniapps to get replaced/overwritten. Same for OpenMRS modules.

Have you checked the cron jobs? Is there something configured that will auto update Bahmni?

Have you configured any automated backup restore? Even then, I can not imagine why bahmniapps or modules will get overwritten - if at all, I could think of bahmni_config getting overwritten. (and for that you should configure “/etc/bahmni-backrest.conf”)

I have resolved this problem. Apparently the cuplrit was an auto update of bahmni app by “yum” tool. So I have to exclude bahmni to be updated automaticaly.

I think implementer should be provided with adequate information about this. I followed guide from Bahmni to install it on CentOS. So I think there is a good chance this could happen to other people.