Bahmni installation in centOS 6.9

Hi all

I have been trying to install bahmni in digital ocean, my droplet is CentOS 6.9. I am following the installation steps from bahmni wiki, the installer is installed but bahmni install can’t work. Iam sharing a screenshot to show what i get. Can you please help to pinpoint where is the problem

Thanks in advance.

@mfugale please run the following commands wget python

Please uninstall and reinstall bahmni-installer again.

Hi @shruthipitta

Thank you for your prompt response

I have tried to run you command , It gets rejected. So still getting failure in installing, I have this screen shot of what it outputs

waiting for your valuable input


Sorry for not being clear. These are two different commands. Please run them separately.

Uninstall and reinstall bahmni-installer again.

Thanks @shruthipitta

I have done so and it passed, but I am getting a mysql error., I think this is strange error for this current version of bahmni. I share this in screenshot as well

hello .I too encountered this error during my installaotion of bahmni 0.9 on centos 6.9.

how to solve it. please help me