Bahmni in brazilian portuguese language

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I already translated all OpenMRS modules posted into Transifex for my language (brazilian portuguese). If I instal Bahmni I will can see the brazilian portuguese option in setup?

About the others funcionalities like stock management and billing account, how can I get them translated to my language?

To see the option in Bahmni, you have to add your language into global property called “locale.allowed.list”.

And follow wiki to change all the values to required language.


Bahmni is a different web application (though it’s built on the same OpenMRS back end) and it has its own separate translations, because you see different text labels in the UI.

These live under the same OpenMRS organization in Transifex, but to translate the Bahmni EMR UI you need to translate these resources:

See our Translating Bahmni page for more details.

(Also, like the OpenMRS Reference Application, we are still working on our process for pulling these Transifex translations into the product. We’re doing some design work on it this week.)

There is a different mechanism for translating the ERP components (e.g. stock, billing), and hopefully someone from the team can document this and share it.

To use different language in OpenERP(Odoo) you can follow below video:

Thank you. I will start the translations about Bahmni rigth now.

Just wanted to provide an update, that @binduak raised a pull request for this here: (based on @nilo’s translations). It seems some more translations are needed for the Bahmni home page.

All pending words to translate the Transiflex were translated into Portuguese of Brazil (pt_BR). The names of the modules on the homepage are, in order: [REGISTROS] [PROGRAMAS] [CLÍNICA] [INTERNAÇÃO] [RAIO-X] [PAGAMENTOS e DOCUMENTOS] [ADMINISTRAÇÃO] [RELATÓRIOS] [PEDIDOS]

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