Bahmni Implementation Survey

Hi everyone,

The Bahmni Coalition is running an implementation survey to understand the scale at which Bahmni is being used globally. Additionally we plan to, on the Bahmni website, provide an indication of where and at what scale Bahmni is being used.

To this end, this is a request to please fill out the Google form at: with information about your implementation.

If you are running multiple implementations, please fill out the form for each one. Or if that is cumbersome, you can also download this Excel file and send to me at

Please note that the website will not identify any data from individual implementations. The idea is to present only aggregate data for Bahmni as a whole (e.g. “Bahmni is being used in X facilities across Y countries” - that sort of thing). Also, the queries in the form/file are meant as a hint as to how to get accurate data. We are happy for people to share approximate numbers.

Please do post here or email me if there are any questions or concerns.

Thanks a lot!