Bahmni image in Docker Hub is version 0.78

Hi Bahmni team,

The ‘latest’ Docker image (from Docker Hub) brings Bahmni in version 0.78.

What is the status of Bahmni with Docker project? Is there any update of the images in the pipe?


Hi Romain, You are right. The docker images are pretty old. We moved to the new Ansible way of installing Bahmni. The Docker Images were not built using this approach. As of now, we don’t have any plans to continue with docker images officially.

Having said that, we are trying to build the images using the same ansible way (so that its easily maintenance without duplicating the infrastructure related codebase) and it is being done in free time of some developers as a side-project. So, there is no commitment on when it will be done.

Regards, Bharat Akkinepalli

OK thanks for clarifying this @bharatak.

We won’t go in this direction then but rather install Bahmni the “standard” way.