Bahmni Homepage not displaying correctly

Hello everyone. I’m running bahmni 0.92 on centos 7. I did the normal installation and everything ran fine.

However, after I made a complete disk backup of my CentosOS using clonezilla, bahmni just stops displaying the icons on the get started Homepage.

The bahmni/home also shows the requested URL not found. Could this be a permission issue? I only did a clonezilla backup,not restoring it.

Even my second computer I restored the backup to, also had same problem. This is my second install with the same problem.

Kindly see attached screenshots

Can any one help Please?. All permissions are set correctly, and my var/www folder is intact

Did a clean installation again, then did a full disk backup with gnomediskmanager (using Ubuntu live disk). Login back to centos brings back the same issue…

Looks like you have not mapped your implementation_specific bahmni files properly. Please check the symlinks at the link below


i am working from centos box,and not from vagrant box, so the steps wont be applicable to me.

any other pointers for me?

Can you confirm whether all your services are running after you took a backup?