Bahmni Homepage not displaying correctly

Hello everyone. I’m running bahmni 0.92 on centos 7. I did the normal installation and everything ran fine.

However, after I made a complete disk backup of my CentosOS using clonezilla, bahmni just stops displaying the icons on the get started Homepage.

The bahmni/home also shows the requested URL not found. Could this be a permission issue? I only did a clonezilla backup,not restoring it.

Even my second computer I restored the backup to, also had same problem. This is my second install with the same problem.

Kindly see attached screenshots

Can any one help Please?. All permissions are set correctly, and my var/www folder is intact

Did a clean installation again, then did a full disk backup with gnomediskmanager (using Ubuntu live disk). Login back to centos brings back the same issue…

Looks like you have not mapped your implementation_specific bahmni files properly. Please check the symlinks at the link below


i am working from centos box,and not from vagrant box, so the steps wont be applicable to me.

any other pointers for me?

Can you confirm whether all your services are running after you took a backup?

Hi @degbenedio

How did solve this issue ?

I’m having the same

Please mention the version of Bahmni you are using. This issue seems occur if file permissions have changed. In most cases the file owner should be “bahmni:bahmni” in the system.

You can see sample screenshot below:

I was running Bahmni 0.92 very well. The problem started I decide to upgrade to 0.93. The installation failed on Openmrs Start … with there error

Can’t open PID file : /var/run/openmrs/

Even the /var/log/openmrs/openmrs.log is missing

@gabykant can share the ownership of the /var/run/openmrs/ file. It should be bahmni:bahmni . If not change permissions and try restarting the openrms service.

The file does not exists however I did the follow

  1. mkdir /var/run/openmrs
  2. touch /var/run/openmrs/
  3. chown bahmni:bahmni -R /var/run/openmrs
  4. systemctl restart openmrs

But after this I have the same error and most frustrating the openmrs/ has been deleted (how and why ? I don’t know)

@gabykant the contents from /var/run/openmrs

can you search for file in the env. It might be referring from different place

Find returns nothing Capture2

And there is no /var/run/openmrs folder

Maybe this gone away when I tried to solved an issue on Bahmni0.92

  • Openmrs service fails to start with “systemctl start openmrs” after the usage of “service openmrs start”:

    1. mv /opt/openmrs/log /opt/openmrs/log-backup
    2. rm /var/log/openmrs (without ‘/’ at the end, we want to remove only the symlink)
    3. rm /var/run/openmrs (without ‘/’ at the end, we want to remove only the symlink)
    4. mkdir /opt/openmrs/log
    5. chown bahmni:bahmni /opt/openmrs/log
    6. ln -s /opt/openmrs/log /var/log/openmrs
    7. chown -R bahmni:bahmni /var/log/openmrs

I followed the release Release 0.92 (June 2020) here

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Bahmni 0.92 was working fine until I decided to install the SSL and tried to make Bahmni-connect works. It failed because of some reasons about the deprecated module. Then I thought upgrading to Bahmni0.93 would solve the issue

Hello @all

Can someone share with me the content of the /etc/init.d/openmrs file ?

I was using bahmni0.92. And the problem started the date I upgraded to 0.93

@binduak @gsluthra @buvaneswariarun @degbenedio