Bahmni- Hiding Patient Identifier field for static prefix

In one of the Implementation site we have a requirement to generate patient identifier in below format BA (Prefix) + 6 digit sequence number + Gender (M/F) i.e. BA100000M We are configuring Prefix “BA” and 6 digit sequence number in openmrs For gender association we are doing change in code.

Problem statement is if we configure prefix in patient identifier the patient identifier will display like below which we don’t want to display on registration page.

We will need to change the code to hide the patient identifier field which would be configurable The reason to hide Patient ID field is we do not have multiple options for a prefix, the prefix will be static in our case so we do not want to show a static filed on the UI.

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To support backward compatibility, it will be visible by default. If the flag is set, the value will be hidden.

This was discussed in PAT Call on 15th May, to make hiding Patient ID field configurable. Find agenda and notes on this talk: Bahmni PAT call 15th May 2019

I am hoping that additionally, this will kick in only if there is a single prefix. (in addition to the configuration)

Do you mean if we see only one value in drop down then the configuration should work, else it should always be visible?

  1. Bahmni Patient Identifier Source - the configuration says ‘dont show id’, but there are multiple prefix for the identifier type. Then it should still show up the identifier, unless you are saying that we will take the default identifier prefix specified!
  2. What happens if the identifier source is not Bahmni? This is allowed as well.

Hi @angshuonline,

If we do not set the config value, it will always be shown. If we go and set ‘showPatientIdentifier’ as false it will be hidden. So we can choose to not set the value if we have multiple identifiers.