Bahmni Go Live at Rightcare Hospital, Abuja Nigeria

I am excited to announce a first successful ‘golive’ on Bahmni in one of the facilities prepared for paperless clinic.

The privately owned hospital which usually see between 60 to 140 patients daily stopped the use of papers/folders and commenced a journey into full EHR system yesterday. Everyone is excited about the ease of access and quality of care for both the providers and patients. We recorded 3 admissions (IPD) yesterday and a surgical procedure and all went well.

A second hospital will be activated on 15th August, 2021 in Niger State, Nigeria.

Many thanks to the bahmni community for support. Its a journey and we hope to scale it up rapidly.


This is wonderful to hear @jaghatise . Congratulations. Thanks a lot for sharing the announcement!

  1. Which modules of Bahmni are being used?
  2. Please do share some photos of Bahmni / hospital also : )
  3. Any specific challenges you faced while implementing Bahmni?
  4. How long did it take to implement Bahmni (approx)?
  5. Typically how many users will be using the software?
  6. Are doctors/clinicians also entering data into Bahmni (using tablet/desktop)?
  7. Do you also intend to perform xRay/Radiology integration?
  8. Did you migrate existing patient data, or started with a fresh deployment?

Thanks again! All the best for the upcoming hospital deployment!

@gsluthra, thanks for raising those questions. We presently have EMR, OpenELIS and Odoo activated. We created a workflow for imaging/scanning but currently looking into full integration with x-ray machines.

  1. So far, one major challenge is the response time in the community to support request. Although this has also become an advantage for my team to better understand Bahmni through problem solving approach
  2. We had a first presentation meeting in April and started data entry activities ( retrospective) also in April. So, planning was between April 2021 and July 2021.
  3. For now, there are 42 users of the software (frontdesk. Nursing station, doctors, laboratory. Pharmacy, imaging, HR, account and central admin)
  4. Yes, Doctors use desktops in their consulting rooms and tablets for ward consultation(inpatients) See pictures below.
  5. There was no existing data. But at some point, we migrated data between 2 instances of Bahmni. Our Bahmni installation is 0.92 and we are planning upgrade to 0.93


Many congratulations @jaghatise. Please also share the user feedback from various departments. It will be good to know the thoughts of users (doctors, nurses, front desk, pharmacy) about the system.

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Congratulations to you and your team @jaghatise.


Thank you @ruchikab.

@jaghatise this a good move Congratulations

@akhilmalhotra we plan to conduct a 12 months impact survey. This should include users and patients. We are also linking referral facilities through a digital referral system.