Bahmni GitHub organisation renamed

We have been consistenly using “BAHMNI” as the name for our organisation. Except for github. We have now renamed our github organisation - from “bhamni” to “bahmni”

This means that the source code of Bahmni, which was earlier available at

is now going to be available at

Q. How does this affect developers who have checked out bahmni source(s)?

  1. For now, github is redirecting any calls made to the old organisation to the new one, so you can pull and push etc.
  2. But this is temporary. For a more permanent change - you can run the following script to move to the new remotes inside a folder that contains all your bahmni code (as in parent to code folders).

For Mac - find . -type d -depth 1 -exec sed -i ‘’ ‘s/Bhamni/Bahmni/g’ ‘{}/.git/config’ ;

For Centos - find . -type d -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -exec sed -i ‘s/Bhamni/Bahmni/g’ {}/.git/config ;

you can tweak the depth parameter depending on your setup.

If you have just one repository, just edit the repostory’s .git/config to point to the new URL. (The script above does this for all subfolders which are checked out directories)

You may want to read github documentation about how to do this ( using git commands.


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