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I have recently encountered an issue with the French translation of Bahmni. When I select the French language on the login screen, the second registration interface hides the nutritional values and displays a message below stating, ‘Nutritional Values concept not found.’ I have attempted to search for this concept in OpenMRS and discovered that there is no corresponding French concept available. Furthermore, I have tried to add a new concept by referencing the English default concept, but the same problem persists.

My question is, what is the most effective procedure for resolving this issue? Should I import a French concept dictionary into OpenMRS? If yes, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could assist me in uploading it. If the answer is no, what other hypotheses could explain this issue, and how should I go about solving it?

Thank you in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Have a good day.

Regards, Najet

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I face the same issue.

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Hi @najet12, welcome here.

Basically yes, it will all mostly boil down to putting together both a frontend config (so a Bahmni config) and a backend config (OpenMRS config, if you use Initializer + a concept dictionary) so that your Bahmni deployment behaves as per your needs and requirements.

We have done a lot of Bahmni localisation into French for our work in Haiti. Perhaps @kazlaw, @nuhuhmutebi and @reagan could point you to public examples that would help settle the idea?


Hi @najet12, please take a moment to review our work. I believe it will be helpful. You can find example files attached below :blush::

  1. bahmni-config-haiti - Registration’s locale_fr.json
  2. openmrs-config-haiti - Registration.csv

Hi nuhuhmutebi,

Thank you for the sharing , it’s really helpful. i will keep you updated .

have a good day.


Hi mksd,

Thank you for the warm welcome and the detailed explanation! I will keep you updated of our work advancement. Kind regards,


Hi mksd,

“The OpenMRS Initializer module is an API-only module that processes the content of the configuration folder when it is found inside OpenMRS’ application data directory.”

So, I installed Bahmni v0.93 on centos7 and successfully added “initializer” module to openmrs but i can’t find the “configuration” folder. Are there any other configuration to do?

Regards, Mehrez

Hi @mehrez as noted, you need to create the configuration folder that will host the different domains as noted from the readme in the application data directory of OpenMRS. The metioned folder usually has content like this listed

├── modules/
├── openmrs.war
├── ...
└── configuration/

Hi reagan, Thanks for your response, please see attached screenshot

as you see modules and openmrs.war in the same path (/opt/openmrs/ ) but in (/opt/openmrs/etc) have you any suggestion or idea please?


@mehrez I would suggest you trying both and see which one works.

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We have logged a bug to look into this. See this:

You can see Bahmni LITE on demo server, where this is working fine. For some reason, on STANDARD it isn’t. Will update this thread when the issue is resolved.

Works fine here (of course the concepts need to be in FRENCH in Concept Dictionary to be picked up)

We have quite a few translations in FRENCH in Transifex, but they are not marked as REVIEWED (or approved). Bahmni currently is only pulling in REVIEWED translations.

Can someone who knows French, help in giving a review/approval to Bahmni Translations in Transifex? This will be very helpful for the community!

See: [BAH-3693] - Bahmni - JIRA and (Create a login into Bahmni Transifex account)

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