Bahmni Form Creation

I’m very familiar with the OpenMRS Reference Application, and I have seen and experimented with Bahmni briefly at the OpenMRS Worldwide Summit. I saw a GREAT demonstration of creating a new form in 3 minutes; importing an Excel spreadsheet (Instructions at, which creates the necessary concepts and form. Very impressive!

I have some specific questions… 1.) Is it possible to use the CIEL dictionary? I would want to create forms using CIEL concepts rather than what I typed into an Excel sheet (mentioned above). 2.) Is it possible to use the HTML Form Entry module and HTML forms, which would allow me to design forms to appear exactly like a previous software’s form? 3.) Is there another way I can specify the exact look and feel of implementation custom observation forms?

Any thoughts @vsingh, @petmongrels, @gsluthra or @pkanchankar?

  1. In many cases, it is possible to use the CIEL dictionary. Bahmni equates a concept set to a form. If you need a bunch of CIEL concepts to be shown as a form, just plug them into a concept set, and add the concept set to “All Observation Templates”, and you will see the form. The csv upload just creates concepts, so in this case, you will need to upload a concept set that includes all the concepts that you would like to see in the form.

  2. No. We tried to make it as simple as possible to create a form, and this means sacrificing UI flexibility. Currently there is no way to change the way a form looks on Bahmni. I would expect a way to allow for custom designs for a form sometime in the future, maybe utilising HTML Form Entry module, but it is currently missing.

  3. No.

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Thanks @vinay for getting back to us so quickly on this! Keep up the good work!