Bahmni for Multiple Hospitals / Labs


I’m a technical project manager for a health NGO managing multiple hospitals and multiple labs. We’d like to use Bahmni / OpenMRS but we need to know if One Bamni installation can be used for multiple hospitals or labs or if each hospital / lab requires its own Bahmni set up

If all hospitals had internet then you should be able to use a single instance if all clinical staff can see all patient data. If you need to limit clinical staff to see patients only from their hospital then you will have to do customization/programming of the front end of Bahmni for that.

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Hi @jblaya

We are trying to implement Bahmni for an organization with multiple clinical sites, and since the internet connection is not reliable(plus clinical staff should be able to see patients from their clinic only), I was curious about what customization is required in Bahmni frontend for that? Complexity level? A technical hint would be great.

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