Bahmni ER diagram

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(Mema Stam) #1

Is the Bahmni ER diagram available in literature? I didn’t manage to find it on Bahmni Wiki.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #2

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(Dimitri R) #3

@gstamata in regards to which component?

Note that the main component of Bahmni is its EMR (‘Bahmni EMR’) which is basically a distribution of OpenMRS. So to a large extent your question might just be about finding out about OpenMRS’ ER diagram.

Or if the above was already clear to you, are you looking for the parts of the data model that might have been added to the usual OpenMRS data model? In which case I don’t think such diagram exist anyway.

I refer to entities that are brought in by Bahmni-specific OpenMRS modules: Bahmni Core, Bed Management, Bacteriology, Appointment Scheduling, … etc.

(Angshuman Sarkar) #4

We don’t have any. You can reverse engineer from any system though using schema-workbench or similar. Also its not a single database. there are service specific databases. Broadly,

  1. EMR - the same with OpenMRS. additional schemas get created as per the modules. Bahmni does not alter any OpenMRS core datamodel, if required extends certain metadata. For OpenMRS core datamodel look here
  • additional schemas include data for atom events and feeds and markers
  1. OpenELIS - same as OpenELIS core
  • additional schemas include data for atom events and feeds and markers
  1. OpenERP - depends on what modules once installs. OpenERP database changes based on modules used.

  2. DCM4Che - PACS database. same as default.