Bahmni EMR Landing Page changes

Application Name: Bahmni Version Number: 0.93

i want to change openmrs login page and add validations on it also what are the steps i have to follow? and please guide me about ui level changes.

Please provide more details on the kind of changes you wish to make. Some may be possible with configuration (like logo / headings) and some will require code change and rebuilding the distribution.

Also, did you mean Bahmni Clinical UI landing page or OpenMRS Admin UI page? I am guessing the former.

i want to add a logo and heading in dashboard page please guide

Please provide screenshot of page and where you want to make changes, just to be sure it is clear which page you mean.

This is the Bahmni EMR Landing Page (Home Page). This will require code changes, as I don’t think there is any configuration exposed which allows adding logo/header here.

Code file:

Repo Setup steps:

Is it possible to add a logo& text to the header of this page, which I have already set up this repo on my local machine