Bahmni drugs vs OpenERP product

I removed (deleted) many drugs from the OpenERP product page. However when I go to Consultation > Medication tab for a patient in Bahmni, I still can add / assiogn the deleted drugs to the patient. Why is this happening ?

Where I can read more information on this ?

Deleting from OpenERP will not reflect back to MRS. So, You will still be able to see them in Medication Tab.

Hi @abiieez, The sync between OpenERP, OpenMRS is not 2 way which means OpenERP listens to OpenMRS events but OpenMRS doesn’t listen to OpenERP events. Thats is why the drugs are created in OpenMRS and they will be synced to OpenERP.

@sravanthi17, @swathivarkala, so, if @abiieez wants to delete drugs, how should he do this? (Do we have a link to wiki instructions or something?)

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I can see there’s this link in openmrs

I bet this is where the drugs are being created. Also I notice the number of drugs in openmrs is around 345 items while in openerp is 900 items.

Should I remove all drugs from both sides (openmrs and openerp) and start adding new drugs only on openmrs ?

@darius As of now there is no wiki page which talks about deleting drugs. But deleting drugs should be done from OpenMRS which in turn will remove drugs from OpenERP through Atomfeed Sync.

@abiieez, as you rightly pointed out, ConceptDrug is the place to delete drugs.

We need to keep in mind of existing drug order/saleorders.