bahmni doesn't understand russian fonts

hello everyone! what do need me? if bahmni doesn’t understand russian fonts? please, promt me

@maximus, I closed the other two topics where you asked the same question.

If you expect to get useful answers on this forum, you’re going to need to put more effort into asking good questions.

I would expect you to describe, clearly:

  • what you’re trying to do (e.g. what screen? is there a particular field?)
  • what research you’ve already done
  • what steps you have already tried
  • past a screenshot or describe your onfiguration if relevant

ok thanks, i found how do it. but i have another question. how to add attribute placeholder in other information fields? i added in app.json placeholder for field “debt” in fildValidation, but this doesn’t work

Maybe this video playlist will help:

i saw these videos) i don’t have what i need

Hi @maximus, Can you please check this wiki page to configure placeholders.

i tested, these placeholders for the patientSearch (for page “Search”). doesn’t work for patientInformation (for page Registration).

in fieldValidation: Bahmni.Registration.customValidator = { “workPhoneNumber”: { method: function (name, value, personAttributeDetails) { return document.getElementById(‘workPhoneNumber’).placeholder = “*****”; }, errorMessage: “REGISTRATION_CASTE_TEXT_ERROR_KEY” }, }; it doesn’t work. i think, you understand me. how to add attribute placeholder in other information fields?

As far as I know, Bahmni don’t support configuring placeholder for Patient Attributes.

The purpose of this section (customValidator) is different. So, that is why this is not working.

thanks), i found where you can add attribute ‘placeholder’ to other information fields. so, i do: i add attribute placeholder in attributeInformation.html where fill fields, where value equals to {{ | translation}}. and (in i18 translation) i add translationkeys for these fields. i don’t know, how do mandatory one field in other information fields

Please note if you are modifying the code, these changes has to be manually incorporated every time you upgrade bahmni. Because these changes are not part of product.

thanks for answer. i change the source kod, i don’t see other ways. please promt, how to make the field in other information, required field?

Is your question about making the person attributes in registration page displayed under “Other Information” mandatory ?

Solution In registration/app.json, under config add the following configuration

"mandatoryPersonAttributes": ["education", "caste"]

Note: In the above example, education and caste are the person attribute names. Similarly, you can add the name of attributes that have to be mandated.

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thank you ver much:relaxed::clap: