Bahmni docker atom feed sync error between OpenMRS and OpenELIS

I’ve setup OpenMRS, OpenELIS and Atomfeed using the docker setup. Now it’s successfully feed MRS patients to ELIS but thats about it. I don’t see lab orders for the patient and after i manually feel lab test It doesn’t seem to appear on OpenMRS. I get the following error

Location Uuid baf7bd38-d225-11e4-9c67-080027b662ec not foundjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Location Uuid baf7bd38-d225-11e4-9c67-080027b662ec not found

Here is the full log.

What might be causing this since its syncing patients to OpenELIS


Hello @yohannes.suraphel Did you restore any database backup ? Or you are just running whatever is shipped out of the box ?

Nope I’ve used the docker setup with a fresh db. I just fixed it by setting the correct MRS visit location uuid on external_reference tab on ELIS. But now i get this error

Order. orderId: null patient: Patient#8 concept: null care setting: CareSetting[hashCode=95217d32,uuid=6f0c9a92-6f24-11e3-af88-005056821db0]' failed to validate with reason: concept: No Concepts found - Invalid Concept Id

Here is the rest of the log

** Edit: Fixed by adding the test to the right external_reference as well. No errors now but the data is not being registered on openMRS obs table