Bahmni Diagnoses and Conditions

While testing our new running instance of bahmni-lite we came across this error where when searching for the diagnosis it says “The requested information does not exist” when infact the concep set has all the diagoses and conditions.

Can you try re-building the Search Index from OpenMRS Admin UI screen, and see if that resolves the issue?

Re-building the search Index does not resolve the issue.

Can you mention if you made any changes to this instance of Bahmni? For instance, added/removed any OMODs, or made some recent configuration/concept dictionary changes/etc? And which version of bahmni lite are you running (which docker image versions?). Is the database the one that comes out of box with Bahmni Lite, or are you connecting to your existing database? Did this problem exist from start, or occurred suddenly?

No OMODs were added or removed, however there were a few changes made to the instace but none relating to this part of it. Currently running the latest version of bahmni lite (i followed the instructions to install pull and install latest images). We are using the database that comes ouf of box with Bahmni lite. This problem occured from the start.

  1. Can you print the output of command docker compose ps to see the list of services / images which are running.
  2. Can you also attach your openmrs.log file output (docker compose logs openmrs) in pastebin and share (if this is not a real patient data).

Need to ensure you are running v1.0.0 images, and not development images.

Also, did you enable/disable some settings in Bahmni, around event publishing/concepts/etc?

Openmrs log.txt (38.8 KB)

We are running v1.0.0 images for most except for odoo. We did not enable or disable any settings in bahmni. This is an out the box instance of bahmni lite using odoo instead of crater.

Hi @opensolutions

bahmni-lite: Uses Config “clinic-config” and runs EMR, Crater, Metabase (with demo dbs pre-created/synced).

bahmni-standard: Uses Config “default-config” and runs EMR, OpenELIS, Odoo, DCM4chee, etc. (with demo databases pre-created / synced for this metadata).

  1. There are two subfolders in bahmni-docker/… .one is bahmni-lite and other is bahmni-standard. If you want to run odoo with Bahmni, you have to bring up the docker compose which is in bahmni-standard. This is because the configuration folder and database of bahmni-standard are matched to “default-config”. Also odoo database in bahmni-standard is pre-synced with Bahmni/OpenMRS Db of bahmni-standard. If you mix and match Odoo from bahmni-standard (with demo master data) and EMR from bahmni-lite, the databases will go in some inconsistent state, since sync operations / metadata across EMR and Odoo are not the same.

  2. If you want to run Odoo with Bahmni LITE, then you will need to use a “clean DB” of Odoo, and setup master data/sync with EMR/Bahmni, so that Odoo DB “matches” or “is-compatible” with EMR/Bahmni db. I don’t think we have any documentation published for this yet.

  3. Also, note we haven’t officially released Bahmni-Standard yet. Only Bahmni-Lite. We need to perform more testing of Bahmni-Standard, and also provide migration paths for people using old bahmni to Bahmni-standard.

  4. I agree, the error you showed on top (Concept Dictionary and OpenMRS) should ideally not occur if you started with normal Bahmni, even if Odoo has been started alongside. Not sure why that is happening. The Log file you attached doesn’t seem to have any error for this event. Seems like a “fresh” log file, with no user actions.

  5. My recommendation would be to destroy the bahmni docker volumes (to clean the DBs), and restart Bahmni with bahmni-standard (and odoo), and see whether that combination works as per expectation. Or, use bahmni-lite without odoo, and check that combo.

I hope this helps.

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Good day @gsluthra

Will the documentation to use a clean DB of odoo and setting up the sync with EMR/Bahmni be released soon or is it something that is being worked on?

RE #4 -The error does not show up in the log file. Not sure why i am getting this error either.

Will follow your recommendation to use bahmni standard, but won’t there be any issues since there are no official releases as yet? and is there a set date for and official release of bahmni standard?

  1. To use a clean DB, can you please try the instructions mentioned here: Odoo Configurations (docker) - Bahmni Wiki - Confluence (It says change the DB Image in docker compose for OdooDB to point to freshDB). This is an empty Odoo DB.
  2. Basically erase all docker volumes related to Bahmni, and then before you start Bahmni, perform the step mentioned above (set odoo db to point to fresh DB image). Then start Bahmni Standard, so that it comes up with fresh Odoo DB, but other DBs are demo only. Maybe u can try this with Bahmni LITE also - might work.
  3. We haven’t done extensive testing of Bahmni-standard. Code wise it is all the same code as before of OpenELIS, Odoo, DCM4chee – so it should be theoretically as stable as V0.93, with enhanced OpenMRS/Bahmni. But if you can test it for your use-cases, you will know if it works for you / not.
  4. In Bahmni standard we would like to make a release with newer versions of Odoo, DCM4chee, etc. We are in conversations with a partner org to help us with Odoo upgrade to latest version, but that could take about 3-4 months to finish. So, it is a bit hard to provide a timeline. We hope to release Bahmni Standard before end of the year.
  5. If you encounter issues with current bahmni-standard, we will be happy to help / fix bugs, but just step into it with the understanding that it has more components which are old, than Bahmni LITE does. e.g Odoo, OpenELIS, Dcm4chee, and underlying libraries. With Bahmni LITE, we ensured EMR, Crater, Metabase are all up-to-date. With Bahmni Standard, the upgraded part is just EMR (OpenMRS/BahmniUI).
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