Bahmni CSV Import Enhancements

As part of one of our implementations, we have a requirement to migrate the Completed patient program data from Access db to Bahmni for about 24,000 patients. And we want to utilise the Bahmni CSV import module to enrol the patients to programs. But the existing Program CSV import has support only for migrating the active patient program data. It doesn’t have support for migrating Completed patient program data. So we want to work on the enhancements to import Completed Patient Program data through CSV import module. Please find below analysis documentation for the same and provide your suggestions. Thanks !

Bahmni wiki to migrate Program Data →

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Below are the few questions that we discussed in the last PAT call.

  1. Can we import the completed patient program data without program state? Program state is an optional field to enrol a patient to the program, to complete the program. so this field can be an optional field in the programs CSV file.
  2. Stage Movement details and other data can be migrated through the program CSV file ? All the details other than Program state(Program Workflows), Program Outcomes should be configured as program attributes through liquibase migrations. And these are optional fields for both Active Patient Program data and Active Patient Program data.