[Bahmni] [Covid-19 Vaccine] Patient Data Recording and Vaccine Certificate

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Hi All,

We are building couple of forms in Bahmni for capturing Immunization incident related to Covid19 vaccine been given to Patients .

Assumption : everyone receiving vaccine will be registered as Patient in Bahmni

Also post the Vaccination dosage data capturing. A certificate could be generated to mention , patient has received Vaccine

Please take a look at the manufacturer-specific vaccine concepts created in the latest CIEL dictionary release. Also included specific reasons for not receiving either first or second dose of vaccine.

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@ruchikab this is good, Vaccine given To: ** if the person receiving the vaccine is a patient, is there a need to have this option?

Hi @jaghatise - everyone who receives vaccine would be registered as Patient in Bahmni including doctors etc. We have additional categories to capture data for reporting purposes , thats why you see the multi-select drop down.

Thanks Andrew for information

Thanks for information @akanter. We will use the CIEL concepts available for ‘Manufacturer’ and ‘vaccine name’. For Manufacturer and Vaccine name where CIEL concept is not available, we will have it captured through free text field right now. Later on when we have CIEL concept for the same we shall update it.