Bahmni COVID-19 Vaccine Forms - Release

Hello all

We are excited to announce Covid-19 Vaccine Form Kit release

Bahmni Vaccine Kit aims to capture Immunization record for Patients receiving Covid19 Vaccines as well as issue Vaccine certificate on receiving the dosage

Bahmni WIKI Page:

This release has following Feature List

  • Covid-19 Vaccination form
  • Editable functionality for the form to fill second dosage details and any side effects reported after vaccination
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate (with Print and Preview Functionality)

Please reach out to the team if you are interested in trying out this kit. Swati Gogia @ruchikab @adhavan @praveenad

Thanks for Dr Abijeet (& St John team) , Angshu and Akhil for their inputs.


kudos @ruchikab and the team :+1:

I tried to install COVID-19 Vaccine Kit but I am getting an error when I try to access Clinical Service.

P.S When I try to install Starter Kit it works with no problem at all. When I change the link (from Starter Kit to Vaccine Kit) it doesn’t.

Hi @aidjali

Made a few edits to wiki, please re-validate each step.

Thanks Swati Gogia

Hi @swatigogia

Do I need to do “Next Steps:” in the "Existing Implementation (Bahmni Version 0.92)" if I make a new implementation?

@swatigogia @gsluthra @angshuonline Can you please check the links once again because it doesn’t matter if I install Bahmni COVID-19 Starter Kit or Bahmni Covid-19 Vaccine-kit I only get installed the COVID-19 PROGRAM. Based on the documentation if I install the latter and not the former, I should get “COVID-19-Starter, Vaccine Record" and add it to the All Observations Templates, but when I follow the steps, I don’t get it at all.

command : yum install

command : yum install

There is no in the specified path (sh /opt/bahmni-covid19-installer/ Please check the bahmni-covid19-installer-0.92-68.noarch.rpm and confirm if there is this script.

P.S I just got back to this issue…