Bahmni COVID-19 Starter Kit - Release

Hello all

Bahmni COVID19 Starter kit - First release on Github:

Bahmni WIKI Page:

This release has 5 forms and exposes a COVID-19 program. The automatic installer uses OpenMRS module initializer(Iniz) to install COVID19 concepts with CEIL UUIDs & mappings and also takes care of upgrading the two dependencies Iniz needs - Appointments 1.2.* & IE Apps 1.0.0

Please reach out to the team if you are interested in trying out this kit. @ruchikab @adhavan @praveenad


This is exciting to see. Great work to all who contributed to this.


Thanks Grace , glad that we can a make a difference

Hello All , We are looking for feedback and usage of Starter kit for Covid19 . Please ping me your feedback

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Reaching back to hear feedback about Covid19 -Starter Kit release . Do let us know if this has been of help and anything that can be improved.