Bahmni COVID-10 Starter Kit not working

Hi all, I have installed Bahmni v0.92 previously and now I want to add or integrate the COVID-19 Starter Kit because I want to have the COVID-19 Form in Observations + additional features that are within it.

The problem is that it says only appointments-1.2-SNAPSHOT.omod and should be installed and no other versions of these packages. It also says that these come with v0.92 but the problem is that with v0.92 I cannot see these versions (I see 1.1 for appointments and 0.9x for

Therefore, I’d ask for your help in:

  1. Why these specific versions are not in Bahmni v0.92 or can I continue with maybe 1.1?
  2. What are CEIL UUIDs and how can I update them?