Bahmni Core: hooking a (Java) code formatter to Maven's compile phase

Hey all,

Do you mind if I add such Maven plugin and configuration to the main POM?

I did it for multiple modules and it really helps getting formatting issues out of the way when reviewing PRs. See for example here on Attachments.

@angshuonline @darius?


I generally support this.

We would need to do a big formatting commit to get everything to the appropriate state first, and make sure to communicate this to any implementation teams with a bit of advance notice.

Yes there would be a massive formatting commit that would change pretty much every .java file.

I’m not sure how to ping/hook all possible stakeholders, just trying:

@arjun @pramidat @shashikanth @vsingh @binduak @ningosi @sumanmaity112 @sanjayap @laxman